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Welcome to the most innovative and advanced timing system – SMS Timing! Xtreme Action Park is proud to offer the latest in kart timing and positioning for the best in customer use and tracking. The best part of our new system is the Mobile App. This real time application allows you to watch live racing from anywhere, keep a record of all of our personal races and times, see your friend’s races and keep track of the lap times for the entire track.  Plus, you can find general information about Xtreme including pricing, hours and special offers.



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Linking your Account

If you are already member that has registered at our welcome kiosks, then you will have full access to the app. Just make sure your mobile app is linked to your account. We can show you how by following these simple steps.

Download and then open the Xtreme Action Park app on your mobile device or tablet.


On this first screen, you can choose to Sign in with Facebook, only if you used the same email address at registration on the kiosk, or select the latter if you used a different email address already.

Enter the email you used at registration and a personal code or direct link will be sent to your email.

You can always go to the settings tab and select “Unlink this account” to start over.  Go to settings on the bottom left and tap “Settings.  Then select the “Unlink your account” button.

Stats & Track

On the main menu, you can select Stats to not only see your personal races and times, but also all of the current lap records.  By signing in with facebook, you can also see your friend’s records that are registered here.  And even be notified when they beat your current time!

Plus, you can always reference and negotiate the track layout from your device.  Soon, you will be able to follow the drivers in live timing as they race around the mobile track!


Prospective members can download the app before they arrive to reduce wait times at registration. You can even login with your facebook account for quicker enrollment.  However, your access will only be established once you have purchased a race license at guest services.  Private parties and Events can also download the app before they arrive and are granted one day access the day of their event.

Live Timing

One of the coolest features on the app, seeing the races that are occurring now!  Move your device to horizontal from vertical position to see more statistics about the race.  Colors indicate if the driver is ahead or behind their best time.

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Download the Mobile App anytime and activate your membership on your next visit.


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