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Spring Go-Kart Race Series

Spring Series 6

Race Winners

March 5th March 19th April 2nd April 16th April 30th May 14th
DAR/GORDON DAR/GORDON Racer Buzz Racer Buzz Racer Buzz Racer Buzz
Racer-X DT Turbo Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson
Micky Wponttes CuzCuz Dario1k Eddie
Racer Buzz Racer Buzz Faster CP3 Illusion
Ra77er Jefferson Eddie Flip Mr. Magic Maniac
Dario1k Faster Anthony Ospino D Catch me if you can
CuzCuz Captain ATG Lucho CobraKon Freakyfast
CParis Girth Brooks CParis Wponttes CP3
Jefferson Dario1k Dirty D Bob d
Zambry Catch me if you can Captain ATG Nfermo2k Stefan
Faster Nfermo2k Quest Dario1k
Nfermo2k CP3 Eddie CParis
Catch me if you Can Eddie Catch me if you Can bob
Wponttes Epicbigc Lucho So Savage
senna CuzCuz CParis Cobrakon
fabio Stefan Freakyfast Wponttes
Stefan CParis BRich Quest
Anthony Ospino NFermo2k
Void | Keffa
King bass
1st Place 2nd place 3rd place