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Light Weight Class

SPEEDRACE, Total:, 8301
bperez, Total:, 7542
Uli Diaz, Total:, 6353
Millertime, Total:, 5554
CurtisB, Total:, 5105
Catch me if you can, Total:, 5766
Dario, Total:, 5527
Mr. Magicmaniac, Total:, 5018
Joe Krone, Total:, 3589
LBOS, Total:, 44010
Lucho, Total:, 38011
Alexander, Total:, 32412
Chico, Total:, 20313
Cparis, Total:, 26914
Nano, Total:, 19015
Coyotemosca, Total:, 17516
Juno, Total:, 15217
Mau, Total:, 11318
Schumy, Total:, 4719
Tommy, Total:, 4220
Kaykay, Total:, 4221

Heavy Weight Class

Position Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Total
1  CONDOR  116
3  STEVEN1K  99
4  ZAMBRY  87
5  LYNN  77
7  MORI  72
9  JCRAVE  57
10  BUBBA  47
11  BELINA  42
12  JOSE  37
13  MARIO: RS1  32