Xtreme Action Park is all about having fun but when we play, we strive to always “Play Fairly, Safely, and Together.” This is our motto, and we wanted a way to showcase that while sharing with our community that though life is about hard work, you have to remember to play harder. We have joined forces with the quickly rising, Emmy nominated artist, Alexander Star to create the Xtreme Action Park anthem. Introducing the Xtreme Action park song and official music video, “Let’s Play”

We encourage you to download the song, use it in your Instagram Stories (it’s available!), sing it, and share it in celebration of togetherness and enjoying life! “Show me what you got. Let’s Play!”

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Alexander Star

Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated recording artist, performer, songwriter, and social influencer based in Broward County, Florida. Star has performed in 10+ countries as an independent artist, and he is one of the few artists to perform inside the United Nations Headquarters.

Star’s public rise began with “This Is My Era,” an anthem he wrote to empower people to take action and impact the world. Now, he writes anthems for TV shows, governments, international festivals, and some of the biggest brands in the world. For his leadership in songwriting, aligned with world change, Montessori Model United Nations named a teaching scholarship in Alexander Star’s honor in 2019.

“Music is medicine when we write it right; and I happen to give out prescriptions that come with positive side effects.” – A. Star

Change your life: stream Alexander Star’s music and follow his moves on social media – @MrAlexanderStar everywhere.

“I’m writing music that helps people feel good…and when people feel good, great things happen.”

Song Lyrics

“Let’s Play”
Xtreme Action Park Anthem

This is Mr. Alexander Star…Goin’ Xtreme
Heard you wanna push it to the max (Xtreme)
Heard you wanna take it all the way (Xtreme)
Heard you wanna make it to the top
Show me what you got
Let’s play!

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