The Xtreme Team: Let's Play!
Let's Plat Xtreme tagline

Let’s play Fairly, Safely and Together.
We are the Xtreme Team!

Our Vision

We aim to be the best, safest, and most innovative indoor Entertainment Venue offering lifetime memories for all Guests.

Our Mission

As the largest indoor entertainment venue in Florida, Xtreme Action Park strives to consistently offer quality Attractions, memorable Experiences, and exciting Activities for all Guests. We are proud of our constant Innovation and strict adherence to the Safety and care of both our Guests and Team Members.


Core Values: Quality


Consistently offering innovative and quality Services, Experiences and Products that enhance the Guest Experience to create Lasting Memories

Core Values: Accountability


We are responsible for educating and growing our Team members, developing our Actions, Services, and Decisions, and Implementing our Policies; indivivdually, and Together

Core Values: Integrity


We will always act with Honesty and Honor without compromising with our Guests, Team Members and Community

Core Values: Safety


Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Guests and Team Members by creating Safety Measures that go Beyond standard requirements

Core values: Excitment


Delivering service with a purposeful Smile and positively Engaging with our Guests and fellow Team Members Every Day