Top 10 Health Benefits of Go-Karting

With the new year upon us it is time to put those resolutions into action! For many of us, those resolutions involve our health. Good news, there are many health benefits to go karting, so suit up and let’s race into a healthier year for you.
According to an article in Health Fitness Revolution, here are the top 10 Health Benefits of Go Karting:

  • Fun activity: Go karting doesn’t need any prior experience, but it is just as challenging as learning a new sport. Children can learn safety rules and how to maneuver a car by driving a go-kart. This can later prepare them for driving an automobile. This is also a great outlet for kids that are interested in racing and other motor sports.
  • Safety: Go Karting is a safer option for beginners who are interested in racing. It can be both an indoor or an outdoor activity. Go Karting also comes with a lot of safety rules and if all the rules and regulations are followed correctly, it can be a very safe activity for all ages. This can teach kids of all ages how to follow and abide by road rules.
  • Better reflexes: The Go-Kart race track is laid out in many tricky patterns. One minute it’s a straight road and then it twists and turns in many different ways. While racing with a go-kart, you have to learn how to maneuver through the track without losing control or crashing into others. This can really test your skills on reflexes.
  • Controlling a car: Being able to control your go-kart while paying attention to your surroundings will make you a better driver in general.
  • Connect with your family: Go karting can be a great activity for all family members. Children can drive with their parents or other family members. Including your entire family on a team sports can not only be fun but it can also bring your family closer. But above all, laughing and having fun with your family is the most rewarding benefit.
  • Adrenaline: While on the race track, right before the light hits green you get a sudden adrenaline rush because of the thrill and excitement to race. This rush can make you feel more alert as well as sharpen your senses. It can increase your heart rate, dilate blood vessels, and open air passages which will allow all your cells to receive more oxygen. The adrenaline can boost your energy as well as improve your memory and leave you feeling energized.
  • Team building experience: Go karting can be a great way to get all your employees or your group to interact with each other. It puts everyone in a fun, interactive environment with no worries. Team building helps strengthen relationships, thus putting everyone in a better mood to work with each other.
  • Fun for all ages: Whether you are 10 years old or going on 60, go karting can be a fun experience for all ages.
  • Confidence builder: Go Karting can be a great confidence booster when you learn the tricks like vehicle control, driving techniques, and other skills. Although it is a fun and light sport for everyone, winning the race can be a great confidence booster as well.
  • Career starter: Most racers start of with go karting because of the simplicity of it. Since it is a pretty small vehicle, it is also easy to transport. A go-kart is also not as complicated as a racing car, so the minor or major fixes can usually be done by the individual except for engine rebuilding, which needs to be done by a professional. Go Karting is a great outlet for those interested in racing because it’s simple, cost-efficient and a safer way to start training for the real race tracks. If racing is your passion, go karting is a great starting point for beginners.