Park Rules & Regulations


Please carefully read the below rules and regulations:

The park, located at 5300 Powerline Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, and its surrounding areas and parking lots is hereinafter referred to as “Xtreme Action Park” or “Park”. Each time you purchase, receive a ticket, receive membership to, are admitted to, enter or use the Park, you thereby acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to abide by the below rules and regulations. A violation of any rule/regulation is cause for ejection without refund, exchange or credit. PARK VISITORS MUST COMPLY WITH ALL POSTED RULES AND REGULATIONS.

NO CONCEALED OR OPEN CARRY of firearms permitted except by sworn law enforcement personnel.

All persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be subject to screening/security checks at the entrance and also within the Park. We reserve the right not to allow any bag, parcel or other item to be brought into the Park, and to handle with any unattended object in such way as we consider appropriate.

Please show common courtesy to fellow guests by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior. For your safety and the safety of others, please refrain from running.

Persons under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or with a group leader over the age of 18. Adult chaperones must remain with the minor(s) at all times and may bring no more than 3 persons under the age of 18 with them into the Park. All minor waivers must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Minors cannot sign their own waiver.

In order to consume alcoholic beverages, you must establish that you are at least 21 years of age. You must have a valid identification card issued by a state or governmental agency containing your photograph, date of birth, height, sex and color of eyes. Xtreme Action Park is unable to accept forms of identification that are expired, cracked, altered, or damaged in any way.

No smoking in the Park, including vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. No pipe, cigar smoking, snuff or chewing tobacco.

Loitering in the Park or in the adjacent Parking areas is strictly prohibited. No illegal substances are permitted anywhere in the Park.

Appropriate, clean attire is required in the Park, including shoes and shirts. Xtreme Action Park reserves the right to modify the dress code guidelines for any reason, including or due to local or seasonal conditions or special events. Clothing with multiple layers is subject to search. We do not allow clothing which exposes underwear or excessive portions of the skin, which may be viewed as inappropriate in a family environment. We reserve the right to deny entrance to any individual wearing attire that we consider inappropriate. No hats, clothing, jewelry or visible tattoos with offensive language or imagery. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the Park.

No outside food items or beverages or glass containers are permitted anywhere in the Park, unless permission is otherwise granted in writing by Xtreme Action Park. An exception can be made for baby food in its original container and baby formula in its original container or in a typical baby bottle.

No pets allowed, except for registered service animals.

You may be recorded in or about the Park. We may photograph, film, video or otherwise copy or capture in any manner any picture, likeness, image, voice or sound of any person, event, act, occurrence or thing in or about the Park. We may use, display, broadcast, publish, circulate, modify, alter, create any derivative of distribute, transfer, license or sell that for any use or purpose (including any website, newsletter, security, safety, liability, insurance, litigation or commercial use or purpose). We may do any or all of the above without payment to anyone. We retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights.

Xtreme Action Park encourages our guests to make and share memories in a fun, social environment. We request that our guests adhere to the following policies regarding the use of cameras at our Park: Commercial or other unauthorized use of any picture, likeness, image, voice or sound of any person, event, act, occurrence or thing in or about the Park, by anyone other than us, is prohibited without our express written consent.

Furthermore, photography, videotaping or recording of any kind for commercial, journalism, or media use, including but not limited to blogs, vlogs, and podcasts, is prohibited without our express written consent. Filming or photography of other guests or staff members requires their expressed permission. No filming or photography of games for the purpose of gaining an unfair playing advantage. No use of tripods, removable lenses, lights, microphones, or other equipment which might interfere with the ability of other guests to enjoy the Park, without prior written permission. Drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles with or without recording capabilities are prohibited without written permission. We reserve the right to revoke permission for the use of photographic or video equipment at any time, for any reason.

Any attempt to steal or damage any of our equipment will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law. Any attempt to game or manipulate our software, system or staff to gain free account time or any other products or services we offer will result in a permanent ban or any other remedies afforded by law.

It is very easy to forget phones, chargers, sunglasses, etc. at the Park. Please take care of your personal property. We are not responsible for any stolen or lost items left behind.

Fraud and Theft will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

Welcome to XBK Management LLC d/b/a Xtreme Action ParK

To ensure the fun and safety of everyone participating, please review the following rules and information:

  • Participant must be over the age of eighteen (18) years old.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 years old is a minor and must have a Parent/Natural Guardian having legal custody execute a Release prior to engaging in any Activities.
  • Parents are the Natural Guardians of their children and adopted children, during minority. Under Florida law, Parents/Natural Guardians are authorized on behalf of the minor children to waive and release, in advance, any claim or cause of action against Xtreme Action Park.
  • Participant must be 54” tall and Participant’s maximum weight must not exceed 300 lbs. to participate on the Go Kart attraction.
  • Participant must be 52” tall and Participant’s maximum weight must not exceed 250 lbs. to participate on the Ropes Course Adventure attraction.
  • While on the Ropes Course, the safety harness must remain in front of Participant and around Participant’s shoulders at all times.
  • Do not alter the harnessing system on Ropes Course Adventure attraction.
  • Participant must safely fit in the harness and must notify an Xtreme Action Park Team Member if otherwise.
  • Closed, secured, or athletic footwear is required. No wheelies, flip-flops or open toe/heel shoes allowed.
  • Loose objects must be removed from pockets. No gum, food or drinks allowed while on the course.
  • No running, jumping, hanging, horseplay, roughhousing, or any other reckless behavior.
  • No jewelry or loose or dangling articles of clothing, such as scarves, are to be worn while participating in any activity.
  • Long hair must be tied back while participating in any activity.
  • Participants must be in good health to participate. Xtreme Action Park has no knowledge of a participant’s health condition. Participants that are or may be pregnant, recovering from recent surgery, have heart problems, back or neck problems, and/or any other medical condition ARE ADVISED NOT TO PARTICIPATE. Participating in the activities may aggravate any existing medical or health conditions.
  • Participant agrees to comply with Xtreme Action Park’s rules and regulations that are on its website at Participants may be denied access to any activity or may be required to leave the Premises for failure to follow any of Xtreme Action Park’s rules.
  • Participant acknowledges and understands that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness.