Laps vs. Timed Race Sessions

All too often it has been questioned which is better: Laps vs. Timed Race Sessions. Here are some tips to help you decide:

Track Length: If the track is a half mile long, like ours, you can expect it to take an average of 35 seconds to complete one lap. A shorter track may only take 20-25 seconds to complete a lap. Track length and lap times will help you determine if you are really getting enough seat time for your spend.

Lap Races: A great option for a race experience. When you participate in a lap race, you are competing with other drivers. If someone is faster or a more experienced driver, then you can only complete the amount of laps allowed until the fastest driver reaches the finish line and the race ends. So if you only drive 8 laps in the amount of time it takes someone else to drive 10 – you don’t get to continue driving. The race ends and so do you.

Timed Race Sessions: Race the clock for your Fastest Lap Time! Timed race sessions are a great choice to work on your race technique and practice. In this heat, or group, all drivers are racing the clock to reach or exceed their fastest lap time. Here you can truly hone in the race line, work on maneuvering around other karts and feel the thrill of racing but at your own pace. When the time’s up – your race ends. You can then see your results and determine your best laps and tips for faster race next time in.

Comparison Guide of Laps vs. Timed Race Sessions at Xtreme Action Park:

Class Time Approx. Laps*
Cadet Race Session 5 min 6-8
Pro Race Session 8 min 10-14
10 min 13-17
Super Race Session 8 min 14-17
10 min 17-22

*Based on average lap time of 40-50 seconds for Cadet Karts, 35-45 seconds for Pro Karts and 28-33 seconds for Super Karts. Lap counts listed are for example purposes only – not guaranteed.

At Xtreme Action Park, we offer both Time Race Sessions and Lap Races. We recommend for first time and recreational racing to participate in our Arrive and Drive Timed Races. However, Lap Races will give you the closest “real” racing experience and our formats are second to none! We offer qualifying laps in conjunction with a grid line up and green flag start. Just you and your group on the track… then it is truly a competition race to the checkered flag for the finish!

Learn more about booking a private Lap Race by Contacting a Planner.