Dezer Collection

Dezer Auto Museum

The Fort Lauderdale Auto Museum is moving to a new location!  The newest branch of the Dezer Auto Museum will move both location to Orlando. Originating in Miami, The Dezer Collection is the largest and most eclectic, privately owned transportation museum worldwide.  The museum is over 30,000 SQ FT and houses some of the world’s rarest and most expensive cars.  Its modern design and exotic cars make it the perfect place to host a themed fundraiser or charity event for your Non-Profit Organization.

The Dezer Auto Museum offers 5 unique collections that are sure to amaze. As you tour the Roaring 30’s collection you will see the rare $2 million dollar Rolls-Royce from the 1930’s. Get lost in the feel and look of Cuba while touring the Havana Nights Collection. Reminisce on all of your favorite action movies while looking at the iconic cars in the Hollywood “Movie Car” Collection. Pay homage to our U.S. heroes on wheels as you tour our Military Salute Collection. Tour our Microcar Collection to marvel at the ingenuity and resourcefulness that Europe implemented to create the microcar in the wake of WWII with depleted resources.

Call for Museum Hours as we are transitioning the collection to Orlando.

Museum Hours

Please call for hours! The Fort Lauderdale location is moving to Orlando this month.

Museum Prices

  • Per Person – $25
  • Florida Residents – $10
  • Children 6 to 12 yrs old = $5
  • Under 5 = FREE

Combo Special: Admission only $10 with
any Xtreme Activity purchase of $15 or more!

Car Collections

ROARING 30’S- This collection hosts the most expensive car in the museum, a $2,000,000 Rolls-Royce!

HAVANA NIGHTS- The beautiful the Cuban artwork in combination with the American Classic cars from the 1940’s and 1950’s will give you the feeling of a peaceful night in Cuba.

HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CARS-  Even the most casual car fan will recognize of these “Hollywood Movie Cars”, Many of them, such as the Delorean from back to the future, have become movie stars in their own right.

MILITARY SALUTE-  This collection shows the evolution of Jeep and the other manufacturers that kept America rolling during times of war.

MICROCAR COLLECTION-  Microcars, which were invented in Europe directly following the devastation of WWII, have come to embody the energy and spirit of togetherness that it took to rebuild Europe.